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Guides, tutorials and general help for in-game features and interfaces.

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Using Chameleon Paint Jobs

What Are Chameleon Paint Jobs? I would be glad to answer that. In short, Chameleon paint jobs are much like the in-game pearlescent paint job, but better. Both paint jobs' colours change depending on the camera's position, but Chameleon (aka gradient) paint jobs have more prominent changes in comparison. With up to 23 different paint jobs, you are up for a treat. (Picture only for reference) How to Apply a Chameleon Paint Job? After installing the modpack (and restarting


xDis4ster in Paint Jobs

Hosting and joining car meet events using Parties

With the great feature of the Party System, and the fantastic tutorial about it, How to Create Join and Manage Parties, you can organise and join car meets greater and easier than ever before. Here is how: You can create a party by typing /party create. And you can join other parties by typing  /party join "#<number>". There is not a lot you could do without making/joining one 😛. With that out of the way, you need to know how the Leader Waypoint (click the bold words to learn more


xDis4ster in Parties

How to create, join and manage Parties

In this tutorial, we'll be going over what parties are, and how/when you can use them with a general overview of their features and potential.   What are parties and what are they used for? Parties are a way to bring any group of players together, essentially marking them as a teammate. They can be used to organize a group of players, similar to how party systems work in other games, and are perfect for car meets, tandems and PvP teams in any lobby.   When and where ca


Skitz in Parties

Drifting a Vehicle

So you want to drift, I will show you how to enable a tune to do just that 🙂   First lets start off by spawning a car, Press M and go to Vehicle Related Options > Vehicle Spawner > Addon Vehicles to spawn an Addon vehicle of your choosing, just about anything in the game you can drift if you set your mind to it 😉   Drifting can be done in a couple of ways; you can either make up your own tune to drift with, or you can use a provided preset from our servers, which is the


xDis4ster in Handling Editor

Lowering the suspension of your car and stancing it

This is a guide on how to apply some stance to your car! In this tutorial we will be using the Kouki S14 on the server, however, this guide applies to any vehicle that you can drive so read closely!     Lowering your car: First step is to spawn your car and make sure you are sitting inside. Next step is to use the Server Hub (F1) or press F7 to open the Handling Editor menu and scroll down to fSuspensionRaise. Set fSuspensionRaise to a negative value, an


nex in Handling Editor

Cant Use FiveM's Rockstar Editor? This Is for You

This is not for build b2545 and higher! If you don't know what it does, the Rockstar Editor gives the player the ability to create, edit, and share videos in ways not possible without it (taken from GTA 5's Fandom Wiki page). Here on FiveM though, it's called the "Replay Editor", and we'll get down to it after we're done with recording on RSM's FiveM servers. It can be more tricky to do than GTA 5 and GTA 5:O, but fortunately, it's not tricky to a point where it's better to avoid it.


xDis4ster in Replay Editor

Street Races

Street Racing is one RSM's many features, and as you might have guessed, it involves racing in the streets. Now, you could always race other players without using it, but whoever wins the race by a mile or a second will always be arguable. Using the Street Races feature can avoid that. While it may be a little overwhelming at first, I will gladly talk and explain all about it in a simple way, starting from vMenu (Press [M] to use it).    Making Races: You could create a race of your own


xDis4ster in Street Racing

Explaining Some Handling Editor Values

The Handling Editor (The menu could be shown when [F7] is pressed and when inside a vehicle) can allow you a significant amount of control over your vehicle's performance, to an extent where it could make the slowest the fastest. Though slightly complicated, especially when you do not know much about vehicles, however, through trial and error, I believe anyone can master it. Granted, vMenu's torque and power multipliers could make your vehicle faster, but what you could do with the editor is muc
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