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Server Rules for FiveM


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Please abide by the following rules when playing on our FiveM Freeroam server:

1. You must speak in English only.
2. No excessive text & microphone spamming.
3. Don't harass and/or disturb other players.
4. No excessive trolling.
5. Don't use noclip while/during a PvP fight.
6. Don't abuse Scripthook (client-sided mod menus)
7. Don't create and/or engage in arguments.
8. Don't disrespect other members, including staff.
9. Listen to staff members at all times.
10. Don't impersonate other members, especially those who are staff.
11. No derogatory, disrespectful or offensive racism and/or antisemitism.
12. Don't post links without staff approval, unless from an trusted source like imgur.com.
13. Don't post any material that contains pornographic or gore-like content.
14. Don't threaten any members of our community, under any circumstance.
15. No doxing and/or DDoSing, including threats.
16. Don't attempt to leave and avoid your punishment, it will make it twice as long.


Breaking these rules will lead to a warning, kick, a temporary ban, or worse, a permanent ban.

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