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  1. Hello, I couldn't find a Discord unban section since the only unbans I saw were for FiveM bans Anyways, I was banned maybe 1 year ago on the discord and I have completely forgotten why, but I understand that the mods were just doing their job so for the reason I was banned, I am sorry; I just want to rejoin the discord since if I need support / need to ask questions whether it's about drifting, driving or PVP, I can get a response quickly instead of having to wait possibly hours on the forums. Diolch https://i.gyazo.com/01adf69f92b1acc76600d95d1b95d9e8.png
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  2. You may dm me here, and we can try discuss this. Sorry for late reply also
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  4. My Discord Tag is "Jxsnn#0397"
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  5. This update brings many quality of life changes and improvements, as well as new features and content! Added new and reworked game logic for Turbo and the Anti-Lag System (by @nex) You are now able to tune your Turbo for real performance benefit, including spool rates and limits. For Anti-Lag, we have added new and realistic sounds for it, as well as the ability to disable sound and visual effects. You can configure the settings for these features through Vehicle Options in vMenu With this change, the Anti-Lag System is now available to all players, not just supporters! Added a feature for maintaining wheel power while sliding, called "Inverse Power" (by @nex) This feature helps to counteract the game's default behaviour of reducing power while sliding. It helps you drift and slide more consistently, improving the overall handling of the vehicle. You can switch between different power profiles from within the settings page of the server hub (F1). This feature is NOT compatible with the engine and torque multipliers in vMenu - we cannot and will not fix this. Added a new feature to car meet parties that automatically kicks inattentive players (by @nex) Players that are too far away from the meet for too long will be auto-kicked from the party to make space for others. This is a passive feature that also takes into account the players that are moving towards the meet location, and those who are near the meet leader, so there's no need to rush! This feature is automatically enabled upon switching the party mode to "car meet". Added a page for joining and managing parties to the server hub with support for player avatars (by @nex) This new UI within the hub will be replacing the legacy parties UI soon. Each party member will have their avatar displayed right from within the UI, making it more pleasing to the eye(s). You are able to configure the party settings as a leader, including the party mode, title and description which are all displayed in the listings page. Party modes have descriptions now too, which makes it easier for leaders to pick a mode that best suits their activity! Added limitations to balance the use of the handling editor in PvP scenarios (by @StOneR) Certain properties of the handling editor are either disabled or clamped within a specific value range. This was done to counter the abuse that players were using it for, such as making vehicles super strong and/or fast. We've worked with community members over the course of a few weeks to find a good sweet spot for this change, so we can still keep the sandbox-y feel to the server that we all know and love. If you have any issues with this, comment your suggestions here and we will try to suit your needs. Improved the look and feel of the server hub, new update prompt, the chat and the watermark (by @nex) We've changed the styling behind all four of these user interfaces and visual elements. The server hub has been tweaked for a cleaner experience while navigating through it. The update prompt has received a makeover with colours matching the rest of the UI on the server. The chat is about the same size, but looks more modern with rounding on messages and better styling for the input. The watermark is smaller and more compact, thus taking-up less space on your screen. Got any suggestions regarding these changes? Submit them here! Added mitigations for server crashes related to Mono (by @StOneR) Added backend support for dynamically loading map blips based on the content that's available on the server (by @nex) Added improvements to the ban evasion system, as well as several major improvements to the anti-cheat (by @nex) Added a simple and scenic camera transition that appears after joining and during the onboarding process (by @nex) Added better error handling to vMenu for missing fonts (by @StOneR) Added grouping to the settings page of the server hub for improved organisation (by @nex) Added mitigations that disable and clamp specific properties within the handling editor that players used to gain an advantage over others (by @nex) Added a button to vMenu that allows you to add all custom weapons to your loadout (by @StOneR) Adjusted the maximum amount of drift score that can be gained in a single drift chain to 1.5b (by @nex) Adjusted the look and feel of the changelog prompts to better fit the rest of the servers' UI (by @nex) Adjusted the onboarding process to wait until the changelogs prompt has been closed before continuing (by @nex) Adjusted the required levels for apartments in order to bring more balance to the system (by @nex) Adjusted the amount of XP rewarded for each PvP kill to 150 XP from just 50 XP (by @nex) Fixed a bug where the progression alerts for levels and XP gains were not appearing (by @nex) Fixed a bug that caused the changelog prompt to pop-up after switching to another RSM server, even if you've already seen it (by @nex) Fixed a bug where vehicle passengers could shoot and take damage while the driver was in passive mode (by @nex) Fixed a backend bug that caused the connection to external services to fail and not reconnect, thus causing issues for chat and other in-game features (by @nex) Fixed a backend bug that caused server playtime stats to be inflated by a small amount due to inaccuracy and rounding (by @nex) Fixed a bug where the zone leaderboards would display incorrectly due to user firewalls blocking important code that was imported from external sources (by @nex) Fixed a bug that was present in many interfaces that would often result in some performance loss (by @nex) Fixed an exploit where players could repair destroyed vehicles using the personal vehicles feature of vMenu (by @StOneR) Fixed a bug with parties where inviting a player would not update the state of the party, resulting in temporary desync of party state (by @nex) Fixed an exploit where players could repair vehicles by toggling vehicle extras in vMenu (by @StOneR) Fixed a bug that caused the server to hang when the leader of a large party with many members tried to switch lobbies (by @nex) Fixed a bug with vMenu where vehicle spawn failures weren't being caught, resulting in the attempt appearing to "timeout" (by @StOneR) Fixed a bug where if you joined a minigame while your vehicle is frozen, it would still be frozen after getting into the minigame (by @StOneR) Fixed an exploit where players could repair their vehicle while dead using the /fix command (by @StOneR) Removed the playboy mansion interior due to an issue with b2575 causing trees to appear low quality near the golf club in Rockford (by @nex) Removed the theme park near Paleto Bay for performance concerns (by @nex) Content Changes New vehicle additions by @Sparky the Asian: Vehicles removed for either performance, quality or duplicate concerns: Important notes about the removed vehicles (please read!): New female clothing additions by @Yonji & @SleepyMia: New male clothing additions by @Yonji & @SleepyMia: New weapon additions by @Yonji:
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