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Drifting a Vehicle




So you want to drift, I will show you how to enable a tune to do just that 🙂


First lets start off by spawning a car, Press M and go to Vehicle Related Options > Vehicle Spawner > Addon Vehicles to spawn an Addon vehicle of your choosing, just about anything in the game you can drift if you set your mind to it 😉


Drifting can be done in a couple of ways; you can either make up your own tune to drift with, or you can use a provided preset from our servers, which is the easiest!


In order to select a tune, Press F7 to open the Handling Editor. Once this is open, you can go down to Server Presets and select a drift preset of your choosing. There's a few different types of presets here, but we'll be using the drift presets for this tutorial. Feel free to try the other preset categories out though for other activities!


Personally I started out with "Preset #4" (or "Option #4") inside this menu, this will be the High-Angle preset. This is what we will use to enable you to drift. There is no "perfect" tune that suits everyone! This is why there are more than just a few presets available to everyone so you can experiment with them and use the ones that suit you the most.


Keep in mind that you need to learn how to drift in GTA V if it's your first time doing so. You can do this by practicing or learning from someone else (like a player, or a tutorial on YouTube) since that's a different topic altogether.


Hopefully this was simple and clear enough for you to get started in our drift subcommunity!

Enjoy, and happy drifting! 🙂 🏎️

*Feature photo by: @Sparky the Asian
*Tutorial by: @TXJ



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