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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about customizing your ped? If so, just follow the tutorial/Read the menu that pops up when you press [F1]. If you're talking about making an addon ped, I recommend using blender.
  2. No, the current gradients are handpicked by @logan..
  3. So with my discord ban, how long is it? Can I get it lifted?

    You just instantly lock my thread

  4. It's not exactly a bug; it’s just that the channel topic was out of date. (The channel was usually abused, and because it is too difficult to moderate videos in comparison to pictures, it was disabled). The reason the red message links to Discord is because it is made for FiveM/MC bans.
  5. need help i cant join the discord please help


  6. Turn off Streamer mode in FiveM settings.
  7. Another term for "directory" is 'File path', which is this red box here. Paste/type the mods directory in it, then press enter. Like how I have done here. You probably installed FiveM on a different location or you haven't restarted the client.
  8. Just use the non-placeholder options. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
  9. You're most likely choosing the wrong clothing options. vMenu's Ped Customization is confusing, and there are also placeholders on its options.
  10. No, players that don't have the file installed will only see a white paint job.
  11. You can find it somewhere in 'Shirts / Accessories' on 'Player Appearance'. No idea what its # is, though.

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