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Street Races




Street Racing is one RSM's many features, and as you might have guessed, it involves racing in the streets. Now, you could always race other players without using it, but whoever wins the race by a mile or a second will always be arguable. Using the Street Races feature can avoid that. While it may be a little overwhelming at first, I will gladly talk and explain all about it in a simple way, starting from vMenu (Press [M] to use it). 

Making Races:
You could create a race of your own from the main menu of vMenu in Racing Options, then enter the Create a Race menu. Easy enough, right? But there are a few more steps to it so, bear with me.

Afterwards, go into Record Race to make your checkpoints using the GTA 5 Pause Menu's waypoint system. The race will record a checkpoint every time you plot a waypoint on the map. To remove a checkpoint, you must mark a waypoint on top of the checkpoint. After making your checkpoints, you can immediately start the race or save it (a how-to is below). Note: The starting point will be where you currently are, and the finish line will be your last placed checkpoint.

Saving/Loading Races:
You can save your race for future use by going into Save Race. After inputting a name for your race, you can then go into Load a Saved Race, where you will find your saved race. 

Joining Races
Joining a race is much simpler than creating one, as you could do it with 2-4 key presses. 1, you must use vMenu [M]. 2, head to Racing Options. 3, then Join Race. 4, select the race you wish to join if there are any (there will be a notification above your radar, bottom left of your screen, whenever a race is starting). Or, look for a starting race point on the map, teleport, drive, or fly your way there, then press [E] when you are within a few meters of it. 

Other Create Race Options:

  1. Set wait period is the allowed time between players joining and the start of the race (from 30 seconds to 300 seconds). Players can only join before the set time is passed and not after.
  2. Teleport to start teleports players to the starting point of the race.
  3. Limit to party members means that only members of your party could join the race.
  4. Set player limit, is and obviously, how many players could join your race.


Simple enough, right? However, there are a few mandatory rules and limitations for Street Racing

  • Firstly, for obvious reasons, you cannot Noclip in the middle of the race.
  • Secondly, you cannot Teleport To Waypoint in the middle of the race. These races are not about who can make waypoints the fastest, but who can drive the fastest.
  • Thirdly, you cannot use Engine/Torque Multipliers. If you must try to make your vehicle faster, use the Handling Editor [F7].


With that said, you can now race however, whenever, whatever, and whoever you want to! 

*Feature photo by: @seahoi menoii



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