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Hosting and joining car meet events using Parties




With the great feature of the Party System, and the fantastic tutorial about it, How to Create Join and Manage Parties, you can organise and join car meets greater and easier than ever before.
Here is how:

You can create a party by typing /party create. And you can join other parties by typing  /party join "#<number>". There is not a lot you could do without making/joining one 😛.
With that out of the way, you need to know how the Leader Waypoint (click the bold words to learn more) system works.
To go along with it, parties also include Cruise Mode (click to learn more), which is downright essential when the meet is moving.

There are many more party features that help organise your meet, and you could find all about them on How to Create Join and Manage Parties, and I will let you discover its pros & cons yourself as I personally expect you to host the greatest meet imaginable.

Feature photo by:@Digi

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