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Lowering the suspension of your car and stancing it




This is a guide on how to apply some stance to your car!

In this tutorial we will be using the Kouki S14 on the server, however, this guide applies to any vehicle that you can drive so read closely!



Lowering your car:

  1. First step is to spawn your car and make sure you are sitting inside.
  2. Next step is to use the Server Hub (F1) or press F7 to open the Handling Editor menu and scroll down to fSuspensionRaise.
  3. Set fSuspensionRaise to a negative value, anything past -0.080 will require you to set another value to fix your car from freaking out, I will explain that below.
  4. If you set fSuspensionRaise to a negative value, anything past -0.080 will require fSuspensionUpperLimit set as 0.8 this will fix your car from shaking around for you and others.
  5. When you set your values these will lower your car after you drive around a few feet - you can also type /fix into the chat (or repair your car in vMenu) to get the new values set on your car.


The steps listed above will allow you to lower your car's suspension, but the next steps will go over stancing it, too.


Stancing your car:

  1. Once again, you must be in a car for this to work! Furthermore, these steps assume that you have just lowered your car and are inside of it.
  2. Use the Server Hub (F1) or press F6 to open the vStancer menu, which will give you a few options for changing the camber and track width of your car.
  3. Adjust the front/rear track widths and camber to your liking - everyone's opinions on what "looks/feels good" are different, so tune it to your personal preferences.


Please let us know on Discord via #fivem-support if you have any questions about this guide or would like to improve it! 🙂 

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