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Discord Unban Request


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Hello, I couldn't find a Discord unban section since the only unbans I saw were for FiveM bans

Anyways, I was banned maybe 1 year ago on the discord and I have completely forgotten why, but I understand that the mods were just doing their job so for the reason I was banned, I am sorry; I just want to rejoin the discord since if I need support / need to ask questions whether it's about drifting, driving or PVP, I can get a response quickly instead of having to wait possibly hours on the forums.



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For anyone else reading this; if you were banned from the Discord then you can consider your only way (and chance) to appeal an in-game ban completely revoked.


And no, opening threads like this one and spamming our private messages won't get it lifted either.

You were banned for misbehaving and/or breaking the rules, and now you get to deal with the consequences of such.

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