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  1. You may dm me here, and we can try discuss this. Sorry for late reply also
  2. Feel free to dm me on here about it as this is not place to discuss it.
  3. You got told why when you made the ticket, not sure what more you want from us to do.
  4. Handling editor got restricted from being used without being in passive on #2. Small peds will get reseted to default MP ped if they pull out a weapon, i wouldn't say only small peds, anything kinda shorter than MP ped will get reseted. More cool down for vehicles. Gun balances. I say #2 is the place to pvp for now without being cheesed all the time.
  5. You would need to write the emote name like, widehardo in chat after buying the package and for rista emote you write kekw here's a list my friend made.
  6. you don't need ultimate supporter for that, you need supporter rank or higher for it.
  7. or go in misc settings on vmenu and click on hide hud, usually how i do it while trying to take pictures.
  8. this isn't the right section for that, you can join the discord and receive support. click here or read

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