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Freeroam #2 Update


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  • Developer

New additions, bug fixes, and more, including a new server hub!

  • Added new background images to the loading screen (by @TXJ)
  • Added vehicle slipstreaming between players - you can now tail other players and gain speed from their "slipstream"  (by @nex)
  • Added a new teleport to vMenu for the fruit stand on the mountain (by @TXJ)
  • Added a new and improved server hub UI that is shown when you join the server (by @nex)
  • Added a spacer to the main menu of vMenu for better organisation of features (by @StOneR)
  • Adjusted the behaviour of vMenu's personal vehicle options to automatically /pv a vehicle after it has been set as a personal vehicle - this prevents cleanup from deleting it (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug where supporter perms would appear to not apply when they actually did (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to teleport to waypoint during a race, allowing them to cheat the checkpoints (by @StOneR)
  • Removed the old server hub due to it being obsolete and not fitting for its name (by @nex)
  • Several minor improvements to the loading screen (by @TXJ)



  • The new server hub has been reimagined to properly showcase what a server hub should be.
  • The new server hub can be opened and closed using F1 - this key can be changed through the Key Bindings section of the game settings.
  • The hub has 'tiles' (buttons) for opening and closing certain menus that are hard to find for the majority of new players.
  • The hub has information scattered around it, such as your session time and how long ago you previously connected to the server.
  • The hub is intended to improve the onboarding process of new players and the overall user experience by providing a space where most server features can be accessed, hence the name "hub".
  • The new hub isn't in its final state and will receive multiple updates as time goes on. Please report any bugs on Discord!


  • The open key for the hub can now be changed through Settings > Key Bindings of the in-game pause menu, and will no longer conflict with controller buttons.
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