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Freeroam #2 Update


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  • Developer

New additions to minigames, more improvements for parties, adjustments for blips and zones, and other bug fixes.

  • Added a 'Super Slow' speed step to noclip for more precise movement (by @StOneR)
  • Added raycasting improvements to minigame spawners (by @StOneR)
  • Added a death screen to minigames (by @StOneR)
  • Added smooth fading to cruise leader markers, depending on the distance (by @nex & iMoD1998)
  • Added a failsafe to the /lobby command that synchronizes your lobby to the leader of your party instead of denying usage (by @nex)
  • Adjusted zone blip categories to be below the local player item in the map legend (by @nex)
  • Adjusted lobby portal blips to be above the local player item in the map legend (by @nex)
  • Adjusted one of the zones at the docks to not cover the bridge above it (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where someone would try to report an offline player, resulting in an internal error (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn vehicles in class-protected zones (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where a dormant party member blip would still be active on the map after they had left the party (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where your vehicle wouldn't transfer with you when you change lobbies (by @nex)
  • Rewrote cruise party markers to be less heavy on FPS (by @nex)
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