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Freeroam #1 Update


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  • Developer

This update brings some great improvements to performance and some quality-of-life and server infrastructure changes.


General Changes:

  • Added a new help interface for commands and hotkeys. To use it, press F1 or use the /help command (by @nex - credit: rioz)
  • Added further chat filters for inappropriate language (by @nex)
  • Added informative notifications on player join (by @nex)
  • Removed the legacy RSM Interactive menu due to it being replaced by the server hub (by @nex)


vMenu Changes:

  • Added the ability to override server weather and time (by @StOneR)
  • Added the ability to override the default radio station via the Vehicle Spawner menu (by @StOneR)


Server Changes:

  • Greatly improved performance around many players at once
  • Reverted (client) game build back to 1604 for debugging purposes (a second server will be opened soon with 2060!)
  • Updated server build to a much more recent version


Server region has now been changed to New York City, US.

This is part of a new major infrastructure update which will allow us to host servers in both NA and EU, so stay tuned for further updates on this.

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