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Freeroam #2 Update


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  • Developer

This update is a major revamp and refactor of the entire server, so expect some big gameplay and performance improvements.

We've rebuilt the server from the ground-up with some much better (and needed!) source control and project management.

This is an upcoming update so this thread *will* change as time goes on and more changes are made.


Feature Additions:

  • Added drift leaderboards on a per-zone basis (by @nex)
  • Added teleport requests via commands: /tpr and /tpa (by @StOneR)
  • Added zone-specific entity culling for improved performance (by @StOneR) - Temporarily reverted due to unforeseen conflicts
  • Added a bar for health and armour to player overhead names. This will only be visible when both players have passive mode disabled (by @nex)
  • Added integration with Simulator Radio for currently-playing music and DJs (by @nex & @AmusedGrape)
  • Added session persistence for vehicle upgrade options in the server hub. Their values now save between reconnects (by @zee)
  • Added named colours instead of confusing arbitrary RGB values for vehicle customization in the server hub (by @zee)
  • Added "never wanted" to safe/drift zones. Your previous wanted level will be restored after leaving the zone (by @nex)
  • Added "anti-lag system" (or "2-step system") for super supporters and above (by @nex)
  • Added a new custom HUD framework for displaying useful information about you and your surroundings (by @nex)
  • Added a new HUD element for displaying the current passive mode status (by @nex)
  • Added custom street races with support for custom checkpoints (by @StOneR)
  • Added passive mode support for vehicle trailers (by @nex)
  • Added proper and usable "Ammu-Nation" shops around the map (by @nex - credit: Jaymo)
  • Added persistent weapon saving when purchased from an "Ammu-Nation" shop (by @nex - credit: Jaymo)
  • Added support for automatically detecting and blocking chat messages containing languages other than English (by @nex)
  • Added a command for toggling vehicle seatbelt: /seatbelt (by @nex)
  • Added a command for changing your wanted level and enabling never wanted: /wanted (by @nex)
  • Added an alias for the fix command: /repair (by @nex)
  • Added blips for all LSC locations around the map and Benny's as a bonus (by @nex)
  • Added timers to certain zones that overlap roads. You must be inside of a zone for a certain amount of time before being forced into passive mode (by @nex)
  • Added gameplay-dynamic rich presence for players with Discord open (by @nex)
  • Added support for creating and joining races via vMenu (by @StOneR)
  • Added Tebex integration for automatically assigning supporter packages (by @nex)
  • Added protection against carjackers in safe, meet and drift zones (by @nex)


Content Additions:


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused player names to flicker (by @nex)
  • Fixed a memory leak when players disconnected from within a zone (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug with some meet zones (#12 & #13) where passive mode wasn't enforced (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where using the media keys on headsets and keyboards would interfere with custom radios (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where custom radios would randomly auto-play when you get into a vehicle (by @zee)
  • Fixed a bug with invisible chat print messages (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug with auto-moderation that blocked the cancelling of a message after bad words were detected (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where players with invalid characters in their names would only get kicked after spawning instead of during server connection (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where the chat messages for restricted vehicle spawns would not send depending on certain conditions (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug with local chat where messages would stop being sent to all nearby players when a player has an invalid player entity (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug with the vehicle NOS/Nitrous system where an invalid player entity would stop it from syncing with other players (by @nex)


Zone Changes:

  • Added 7 drift zones for drift tracks around the map. These zones are not visible on the map (by @nex)
  • Added 3 car meet zones around Vinewood parking lots (by @nex)
  • Added 3 car meet zones to the LSIA area (by @nex)
  • Added 2 car meet zones to the parking lots near mission row (by @nex)
  • Added 2 car meet zones to sandy shores (by @nex)
  • Added 2 car meet zones to paleto bay (by @nex)
  • Added a car meet zone in the "underground" parking lot near legion square (by @nex)
  • Added another car meet zone near the arena parking lot (by @nex)
  • Added a car meet zone to the parking lot of the "ghetto" shopping centre near grove street (by @nex)
  • Added a car meet zone to a small parking lot area at Nurburgring (by @nex)
  • Added a safe zone that covers the race track at Monaco GP (by @nex)
  • Increased the radius of the drift zone at the multi-story parking lot near legion square by the highway (by @nex)
  • Reduced the size of the original paleto bay meet zone to only cover the gas station (by @nex)
  • Reworked zones to be more precise to the areas that they cover (by @nex)
  • Tweaked the casino meet zone to ignore players driving along the highway (by @nex)
  • Tweaked the "La Mesa LSC" safe zone to not put players in passive if they were driving along the highway above it (by @nex


Other Changes:

  • Added optimization to player names and blips (by @nex)
  • Added optimization and general improvements to zones (by @nex)
  • Improved anti-cheat measures (by @nex)
  • Improved nearby player count HUD to not count invalid player indexes (by @nex)
  • Removed the legacy "Interactive" menu due to it being replaced by the new server hub (by @nex)
  • Removed several conflicting features from vMenu to improve the general feature-set of the server (by @StOneR)
  • Removed weapon options from vMenu due to them being replaced by Ammu-Nation shops (by @nex)
  • Removed online players from vMenu due to it being obsolete (by @nex)
  • Rewrote vehicle utility commands to be more informative and user-friendly upon using them (by @nex)
  • Updated the loading screen progress bar to be more detailed and nice-looking (by @nex & @zee)
  • Updated vMenu to a much more recent version for improved performance and features (by @nex)
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