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Freeroam #1 Update


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General Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some entities around the map to not get automatically cleaned-up (by @zee)
  • Re-enabled the server hub for live testing again but made it persist between server restarts this time (by @nex)


Content Changes:

  • Fixed a dodgy vehicle replace for the base-game vehicle "Adder" (by @zee)
  • Removed 100+ add-on vehicles that used 100MB+ of RAM each (by @zee)



  • All add-on vehicles that were removed had exceedingly large sizes, and contributed a good amount to FPS and texture loss.
  • We'll be re-adding the popular vehicles that got removed with better-optimized versions down the road, but not a priority for the moment.
  • This update can be reverted, so if the majority of players think the cons outweigh the pros, we can revert to how it was before.
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