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Griz's Guide to GTA Car Manufacturers

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I’m back again for another guide! Thanks a lot to those that read my first guide, both on Discord and in the RSM forums, and those who pointed out some details I missed, I hope this can be a frequent thing I can do. During my time in RSM, I noticed a lot of people asking about what real life car manufacturers can be comparable to given the removal of branded content, so I decided to repurpose something I made for an old friend who doesn’t play GTA. Happy reading!


Griz's Guide to GTA Car Manufacturers


Albany - Albany is essentially Cadillac and Lincoln (why they mixed in a GM brand with a Ford brand I will never know), they primarily have SUVs, 4-Doors, and Muscle Cars. There's also 3 Benny's Customs variants of their cars.


Annis - So Annis is essentially a mix of Nissan, Mazda, and like a pinch of Toyota (most of Toyota's similarities in GTA will come soon). They primarily deal with Sports and Coupes, but, in an extreme twist, they have LeMans cars, specifically, Group C, which I recommend you look up.


Benefactor - Benefactor is Mercedes-Benz, AMG (Mercedes' performance division), and Smart (yes, THAT smart car). Primarily, they have SUVs, Sports, and Supercars, though they also dabble in Offroad and Open Wheel cars (Formula 1). They also have the Terrorbyte.


Bürgerfahrzeug - Yes, the name is very hard to read, and no, I'm not able to pronounce it. Bürgerfahrzeug, or BF, is Volkswagen and like .1% BMW. BF is famous in GTA for their VW Beetle styled cars, though they have a Meyers Manx looking one, which is just a reshell of a Beetle, a VW Golf, and, the VW Type 2, which if you don't know, is Filmore from the movie series Cars.


Bollokan - Bollokan is Hyundai. I would go on a spiel about how many cars they have but the funny thing is; they only have one, just one car.


Bravado - Bravado is Dodge. They also essentially follow the same mantra as Dodge too; big SUVs, modern muscle cars with over 700 horsepower, legendary classics, and a cheap supercar with a V10 that kicks Ferrari's ass.


Brute - Brute is essentially a mixture of GMC and other heavy duty vehicle manufacturers, think Freightliner or International. Not much to say for them, as I don't specialize in heavy duty vehicles, though they have 1 standard van.


Canis - Canis is Jeep and like 1% Citroen and Rezvani. Literally identical to Jeep's specialty: Off Road Vehicles with a sprinkling of SUVs.


Cheval - We're going in the land down under for this one. Cheval is, as I just learned, an Australian company in GTA V based on Holden, which is an Aussie manufacturer a part of GM and it's also 1% Hennessey, which makes hyper cars.


Classique - Classique is based on Oldsmobile, with only 2 cars in their line up. At Least it's not as bad as Bollokan.


Coil - Probably the least used manufacturer in GTA V, Coil is mostly Tesla with some Rimac, Local Motors, and Delfast (Delfast is a bicycle company). Coil is likely the ONLY manufacturer here to manufacture guns also, which is weird, is this foreshadowing for Tesla?


Declasse - So, Declasse is Chevy with, oddly enough, .1% Ford, Hoonigan, and Shelby. They're known for muscle cars, sports cars, vans, and SUVs. And if you think they can't get more American than that, think again, as not only do they have a racing team, Declasse Racing Performance, they also have a stock car, commonly in NASCAR, with Days of Thunder references and all! They have 2 Arena War and 5 Benny's customs variants.


Dewbauchee - Dewbauchee is based on Aston Martin. This is probably one of a few "purely equivalent" manufacturers. They have 1 Benny's Customs variant, and, like those before, has a motorsports team called Dewbauchee Motorsports.


Dinka - So Dinka is mainly based off of Honda anbd Toyota (again, not primarily Toyota), with a small number of Buell (motorcycle maker), Adjutor (Yacht Maker), Arctic Cat (ATVs) and Rupp Dart (Go Karts). They're known for their motorcycles, sports cars, compacts, and hatchbacks. They also have a racing division called Dinka Motorsport.


Dundreary - Dundreary is based on Mercury and Lincoln. They primarily deal with SUVs, classics, and station wagons. They have 1 Benny's variant.


Emperor - Emperor is Lexus. Unfortunately, they only have 4 cars in their line up; a race car, a SUV, a Sedan, and a Coupe.


Enus - Enus is based on Rolls Royce, Maybach, and Bentley. They primarily deal with luxury sedans, coupes, sports cars, and luxury SUVs alongside 1 classic. They have a racing team called Enus Motorsports.


Fathom - I cannot FATHOM this, a manufacturer with only 2 cars based on Infiniti; a SUV and a Sports Car.


Gallivanter - Gallivanter is based on Land Rover/Range Rover. This is probably the only manufacturer in this game that makes just SUVs.


Grotti - Now we reach the fun stuff, Grotti is based on Ferrari and Fiat, with 1 car based off of Pininfarina and like a smidge of Aston Martin.


Hijak - Hijak is like Coil's hipster older brother. Based on Fisker and VUHL, they only have 2 cars in their lineup; a EV Sports car, and a lightweight sports car.


Imponte - Imponte is based on Pontiac and Delorean with some Dodge and Chevrolet. They have a racing team called Imponte Racing.


Invetero - You're gonna LOVE this. Invetero is based off of Corvette with a myriad of different generations of them, including your favorite, the C7.


Karin - Karin is based primarily off of Toyota, with some designs from Nissan, Subaru, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, and Lexus.


Lampadati - This is primarily based off of Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and De Tomaso. They deal with primarily luxury sedans, SUVs, and classics.


LCC - This is literally one of those chop shop biker companies that make customized choppers.


Maibatsu - Maibatsu is based off of Mitsubishi with hints of Eurocopter, FX Bikes, Armstrong, Isuzu, and Yamaha.


Mammoth - Mammoth is literally HUMMER. That's it, just HUMMER.


Nagasaki - Nagasaki is primarily Yamaha and Kawasaki. They primarily deal with bikes, ATVs, and Side by Sides (essentially Polaris RZRs).


Obey - Obey is based off of Audi with .1% Porsche. They primarily deal with luxury vehicles such as Sedans, Coupes, Sports, and Supercars, but also have their hand in EV cars too and a little bit of SUVs.


Ocelot - Ocelot is based off of Jaguar and Lotus with some Maserati, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. They primarily deal with Classics, Sports, Coupes, and Sedans with a couple hypercars.


Overflod - Overflod is based off of Koenigsegg and Apollo with some designs of Glickenhaus, Roland, and SSC. They primarily deal with sports and hypercars.


Pegassi - Pegassi is based on Lamborghini, Pagani, and Ducati with some Piaggio, BMW, Honda, W Motors, Riva, Lotus, and Italdesign. They primarily deal with sports, super, hypercars, and motorcycles.


Penaud - Penaud is based off of Renault, unfortunately, they only have 1 car, a sports car.


Pfister - Pfister is based off of Porsche, and is the same mantra as Porsche, which are SUVs, SPorts cars, Super cars, Hyper cars, and Classics.


Principe - Principe is based off of Ducati and Piaggio. They only specialize in bikes with 1 hypercar. They have 1 Benny's variant.


Progen - Progen is based off of McLaren. They primarily deal with Sports, Super, Hypercars, and 1 Open Wheel car.


RUNE - RUNE is based on Lada and Sherp. They only have 2 cars; a All Terrain vehicle and a Sedan.


Schyster - Schyster is based off of Chrysler and AMC. They primarily deal with sedans and vans with 1 sports car and 1 muscle car.


Shitzu - Shitzu is based off of Suzuki and primarily deals with motorcycles.


Toundra - Toundra is based off of Alpine. Unfortunately, they only have 1 car, but the car, imo, is awesome.


Truffade - Truffade is essentially Bugatti. Truffade only deals with Hypercars.


Übermacht - Übermacht is BMW with a little Cadillac. They primarily deal with sedans, SUVs, coupes, sports cars, and supercars.


Vapid - Vapid is essentially Ford and some Lincoln and Toyota. They essentially deal with sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, SUVs, and classics.


Vulcar - Vulcar is essentially Volvo and Nissan with some VW. They primarily deal with either classics, coupes, sedans, mini trucks, or wagons.


Vysser - Vysser is based on the Dutch brand Spyker. Literally only has 1 car, but it also looks cool.

Weeny - Weeny is essentially Mini Cooper. They only deal in classics and Compacts.


Western - Western is essentially Harley Davidson. They only deal with bikes.


Willard - Willard is essentially Buick, only having 4 cars, 2 of which are Benny's Customs variants. Only consisting of classic and muscle cars.


Zirconium - Zirconium is essentially Saturn and Eagle. They have 2 RVs and 1 Station Wagon.

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