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If you like music and you like to party, this is the club to join! This club is for planning parties in RSM. We will use the RSM Discord 'Music & Chill' Voice Chat for streaming music for parties in game. Any kind of party that involves music and dancing!
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  2. this is the only picture i have since all my tons of video footage doesn't work
  3. Join us on Saturday August 21 for a trip back to the music classics that got us to where we are today! Time: 9PM Eastern US Time. Location: Cayo Perico Island on Server #2. Music Selection: 80's, 90's, & 00's Dance Hits [Hip Hop, Funk, House, Disco, Electro & More] We are going to have an outdoor dance party on the beach. Join the RSM Discord Voice Chat Room called Music & Chill to tune into the music stream. We will have about 3 hours of planned out dance hits. After that I will play miscellaneous songs from my library, I will try to take requests, but only songs I actually have in my library. So if there is a song you would like to hear, feel free to ask in Local Chat to see if I have it. You can also make music suggestions before hand here: See you there!!
  4. For anyone asking about being able to listen to the dj streams at a later time after the event. they are available, however, we are unable to provide public links to such content uploaded on media sites without breaking the rules or terms of RSM.
  5. alright. Fakumi, you an be an official photographer for events. we do not have a way to give you a role or title officially in this forum, but you will be recognized as one though. thanks for your interest in wanting to help.
  6. What i would like to be: Photographer My qualifications: none (? i don't have any study about photography or something like that. I've been taking pictures from cars/videogames since a few years ago, trying to find the artistic point of view, and how a picture or even a song could be good, i think i've improved those skills a bit through the years. I'll leave a few examples of the cars i made in assetto, hope you like them
  7. Chat anything music related here.
  8. If you would like to: *Become an event DJ *Become an Official Photographer/Videographer *Become a Club Moderator *Become a Club Co-Leader Submit what you would like to be and your qualifications for such role.
  9. Know any good songs? share them here so any club DJs might find them for future use in any parties. Post Artist Name, Song Title, and Genre. *DO NOT POST LINKS*, LINKS BREAK RSM RULES. post ONLY the information about the song in text.

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