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Important changes to donations and forum subscriptions


Message added by nex,

This topic is outdated as we've moved stores yet again.
Any and all information here is invalid and doesn't apply to our present-day store what-so-ever!

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We'll be moving store platforms on the 1st of May, 2020. This means that you'll have to purchase from our new store instead of the forums, which may seem confusing but is actually really simple. Just log in using your Steam account here, have Steam running while logged into the account you use for the store, and connect to the server!


Any and all current subscriptions will remain in place until this date unless expired before then.



How do I get my forum subscription transferred to the new store?

If you currently have a subscription and would like it transferred to the new store, please open a ticket stating your User ID (found here) and which package you would like transferred. Do NOT open a ticket if your subscription will expire before the 1st of May, 2020 (01/05/20) as it will be more straight-forward to just renew there instead.



What are the key changes?

Coming with these changes, you're also required to have Steam running in the background before you connect to the server and logged into the same account you use on the new store. Your supporter permissions and chat tags should be instantly available every time you log in which is another great improvement from our previous system.



Will anything happen to the supporter Discord roles?

As for Discord, you'll be losing your roles there as we simply don't have the manpower to manually assign and manage supporter roles as they constantly change on a daily basis. Linking your Discord to the new store isn't possible at this time due to certain limitations we hope to surpass in the near future, but should it return we'll let you know!



I don't use Steam, do I need to own a copy of GTA to use the store?

Nope! So long as you own a Steam account, you can use our store. The main limitation here is that you must have it running in the background before you connect to the server in order to get your rewards.



If you have any questions about these changes, open a ticket and ask away!

We're going to be answering any questions you have about this big change.


Thanks for supporting us! You're the fuel to our heckin' chonker of an engine 🙂

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