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Freeroam #1 Update


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  • Developer

The early Christmas update is here! This one brings new features, bug fixes, improvements to performance and more!


  • 🤕 Added a new type of ban, called "Community Ban" (by @nex & @StOneR)
    • All existing bans (except for those given to cheaters) will fall under this new "community ban" classification.
    • Community-banned players will still be able to connect to the server, but will be placed into lobbies with other community-banned players.
    • They will also be unable to send text chat messages, report other players and participate in Minigames.
    • This is still in 'beta' and we will be adjusting things accordingly depending on feedback and metrics.
    • Notes:
      • Think of this as our very own 'bad sport' lobby - it's pretty similar in regards to its goals.
      • Our staff team do have the power to change community bans into server bans, which will prevent you from connecting - abusing this system will result in exactly that.
      • Server unbans purchased through the store will still lift community bans, putting you back into the normal lobbies with everyone else.
      • We decided to implement this as we believe that most banned players should still be able to experience the server, just isolated from all the players that do follow the rules. The end goal is to prevent rule-breakers from ruining the experience of others, and this new system will still achieve that goal with great effectiveness.
  • 🙊 Added machine-learning toxicity filters to the automatic moderation system for text chat (by @nex)
    • All messages that are deemed to have a high chance of being toxic will be rejected.
    • No bans, mutes, or warnings will be given by this system as it is somewhat prone to false positives.
    • We will be tweaking this system as time goes on, so please report any false positives via Discord tickets, thank you!
  • 🔧 Adjusted handling editor limits as per player demand (by @nex)
    • fInitialDragCoeff can now be set to a minimum of 0, and a maximum of 350.
    • fSteeringLock can now be set to a maximum of 90.
    • fDownforceModifier can now be set to a minimum of 0.
  • ⭕ Reworked the logic behind party leader waypoints to get around the issue of them disappearing on leader proximity (by @zee)
    • Players were often frustrated by the game's logic, so we've worked around it with logic of our own.
    • The waypoint will now stay where it's placed until the leader uses the /clearwp command.
  • 👁️ Removed the legacy parties UI and in favour of the new implementation within the server hub (by @nex)
    • The new UI is easier to navigate, displays more information, and provides more settings for party leaders to play around with.
    • User friendliness was the main focus for this change, and we hope you can appreciate it!
  • Added a live-updating countdown to the "No Cfx.re account linked" message upon joining (by @nex)
  • Added improvements to performance and anti-cheat (by @nex)
  • Added a new keybind for F4 which will open the settings page of the server hub (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where automatic bans and kicks (as a result of someone being warned) would not be announced to chat (by @nex)
  • Fixed multiple potential memory leaks that could have contributed to the 'lag' seen after the server has been online for a while (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where the servers' player count would not be displayed on the Discord profile status (by @nex)


We do have some new custom content lined-up for a future update sometime this month, so we will be publishing another update post for that when it's out!


Christmas Discord Events

We'll be hosting movie nights on every day of the week leading up to Christmas day, and we invite everyone to come and watch with us!

More information will be on our Discord server - just make sure to go to #pick-your-roles to get access to the #events channel 🙂


🎄 Good luck and have fun everyone, and merry Christmas! ❤️ 

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