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Freeroam #1 Update


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  • Developer

This is a small but powerful update that we'd like to publish for transparency, as there are many things that have changed over the last month related to these changes.


  • Added logic to prevent the abuse of animal player models without passive mode (by @StOneR)
  • Added many improvements to performance, anti-cheat and server metrics, soon to make their way to rsm.gg (by @nex)
  • Added over 500+ new emojis to in-game chat for all supporters, based on the top list from BetterTTV (by @nex)
  • Fixed several bugs related to vehicle names and handlings (by @Sparky the Asian & @StOneR)


To make up for the small update, a content update will be being released soon when our content curators get back from their busy lives 🙂

Despite the list being small, a lot of work has gone into these changes behind the scenes (some taking literal weeks to iron-out the imperfections) and we hope you appreciate it!



Other Changes

There have also been a handful of improvements elsewhere, including the upgrade to CDN 3.0 which greatly accelerates in-game content downloads for all players in all regions, as well as the move to a new provider in order to resolve the constant connection issues we've been seeing over the last couple months.


Our previous provider has become too unstable for us to continue using, and we hope that you, our players, can continue gaming on a stable server once again!

We'd like to apologise for these connection issues - it has been frustrating for us just as much as it has been for you. We have been looking at viable solutions over the last month, and have finally settled on one that we have faith in 🤞


If you have any further connection issues, be sure to open a support topic on our Discord so we can discuss and fix them for you and the other players with similar experiences.

We are always looking to improve, so please give us the chance to do so ❤️



Good luck out there 🙂

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