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Freeroam #1 Content Update


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  • Developer

This update brings many quality of life features, bug fixes, and groundwork for features that will come in future releases - as well as content!



First of all though, we've always tried to be as transparent as possible, and so we'd like to talk about why this update has taken so long to come out.


This is due to two (out of the three) of our developers having full-time jobs now that take up a lot of the time that we had otherwise spent working on the project. Nevertheless, we are still working on it and don't have any plans to stop development anytime soon, but you will need to be more patient as this will mean that future updates (just like this one) will take longer to roll out the door.


Lastly, we appreciate all of you that support us, both financially and in other meaningful ways. This has been an incredible experience for us and it truly is amazing that we have gotten to spend (and continue spending) our time learning new areas of tech in order to provide (and continue providing) the best freeroam sandbox experience you have encountered on the platform.


Even though some of the changes listed below seem like simple and easy things, a lot of thought, time and effort goes into them and a lot of backend and mental preparation is needed to ensure that we nail things on the head first-try, so please keep that in mind before making your judgement - if you have a problem with a change here, we encourage you to use our feedback site to make "petitions" for making further changes and adding new features that you and other members of our community want!



Now onto the update itself!


  • 📈 Added tracking of in-game player pings, which will be added to a new "Diagnostics" page of the server hub in a future update (by @nex)
    • We're making note of it here so that the technical lot of you have something interesting to think about and look forward to while we implement a display for this in-game.
    • For now, this data will be used for identifying connection issues that don't necessarily result in players being dropped from the server.
  • 📊 Added internal tools for tracking entity counts, helping us identify and fix current and future server performance issues (by @nex)
    • We're also making note of this because we want you to know that we're actively working towards improving performance.
  • 👁️ Added even more internal tools to aid with moderation, identifying potential cheaters and toxic players (by @nex)
    • We won't go into much detail here, but we now have a system for automatically flagging extreme toxicity events in voice chat.
    • Only the voice chat activity that contain keywords (such as the infamous N-word) are flagged, saved, and brought to our attention - via speech recognition.
    • This helps us fill the gap in moderation that our staff team are unable to fill, and helps us keep the server even cleaner than it was up until this point.
    • For some statistics on how useful this is to us: during the past week that we have been testing this, we have banned over 50 players for intentional and malicious racism and homophobia that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to catch.
  • ⚖️ Added a new UI element for displaying your current progression, also known as the "XP bar" - this is shown upon gaining XP (by @nex)
    • You now have a visual indicator of how you're progressing on our servers!
    • Inspiration was obviously taken from the XP bar from GTA:Online, but we consider it to be a more simple version of it.
    • As usual, we will be improving this down the road, but we finally got the first version of it done 🙂
  • 📮 Added logic to dynamically position the notifications in the top-right corner of the screen depending on what UI elements beneath them are active (by @nex)
    • Wasn't it annoying when notifications appeared above vMenu whilst you were using it?
    • This is no longer an issue (on 16:9 aspect ratios, at least) as notifications will now be dynamically moved around the screen to fit their surroundings.
  • 👢 Added the ability to kick individual players out of your personal vehicle within vMenu (by @StOneR)
    • This was a long-time requested feature that is now here!
    • You can use this feature by going to the "Vehicle Passengers" submenu within the personal vehicle menu.
  • ⭐ Added a "Favourites" submenu to the Saved Vehicles menu of vMenu - that's a lot of menus! (by @StOneR)
    • You can switch between your most-spawned saved vehicles and vehicles that you've manually set as favourite.
    • We thought this would be a cool quality of life feature to add, and people reacted positively to the feedback post for it, so here we are 🙂
  • 📛 Added more functionality to player names and moved some things around in order to make them easier to understand (by @nex)

    • 1. Colours applied to player names will now only represent staff/supporter status:

      • Any other 'special player state' colour that was used will now be displayed on the health bar instead.

    • 2. Colour-coding has been added to the tablet icon that represents a player that is using an interface/menu:

      • The way it used to work before this change was that the icon would only display if you had vMenu open.

      • I personally dislike not using the full potential of things, and I figured this would be a cool QoL addition to player names.

      • The icon now displays for the Handling Editor, vStancer, the Server Hub, and the emotes menu - the colours are as follows:

        • White: vMenu (as usual, no change there)

        • Blue: Handling Editor

        • Greenish-Blue: vStancer

        • Purple: Server Hub

        • Yellow: Emotes

  • 👀 Adjusted the look and feel of the notifications in the top-right of the screen to be smaller and less of an eye sore (by @nex)

    • We basically just gave them a full makeover, they look much better now and take up less screen space to convey the same information.
    • They are also much more lightweight now which helps with performance, and they also fit the rest of the server UI, so that's another point for consistency in our books!
  • 🏎️ Adjusted the look and feel of the drift score UI to display more information in a new modern UI, as well as to improve compatibility with the new XP bar (by @nex)

    • This will take some time getting used to for most of you, and you will likely hate it at first but give it some time and you will end up loving it.

    • If after a month you still don't like it, open a post here about it and we'll look into other designs.

  • 🔫 Fixed a bug that caused players to get banned while piloting flying vehicles that had weapons (by @nex)

    • Massive thanks to the loyal and patient members of you that helped us get to the bottom of this!

    • All players that were affected by this have had their bans reversed and removed from their profiles.

  • Added a teleport delay to vMenu when passive mode is disabled in order to help mitigate cases of abuse (by @StOneR)

  • Added logic to block the use of animal player models in PvP, as they were often abused (by @StOneR)
  • Added functionality to stunt race minigames that makes landing on motorcycles easier (by @logan.)
  • Adjusted the amount of XP given for drifting in order to bring balance for other activities that gain you XP (by @nex)
  • Adjusted the bonus drift score multiplier that changes depending on the number of nearby players to be 25% lower for balancing reasons (by @nex)
  • Adjusted the behaviour of dormant player blips (blips of players that aren't nearby to you) to go back to only being displayed on the big map (by @nex)
  • Adjusted the limits of vStancer to allow for higher camber values (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with many UI elements where they were not exactly centred on the screen (by @nex)
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the respawn and revive system by refactoring most of it, including the bug where you'd spawn under the map (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with the handling editor where some values that were disabled by the lobby could have been applied and changed again (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug where disabled or disallowed ped models were still able to be used (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with the sorting logic of the vehicle spawner within vMenu (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed an issue where weapon options were able to be used within vMenu despite being in passive mode (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with parties that caused an error after joining the server (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug with the Gun Game leaderboards that resulted in players being sorted the wrong way (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with media players where screens were not being properly removed after a player disconnects (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the Gun Game minigame related to final kills (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with vMenu where an error could be thrown (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed an exploit where you could immediately respawn/revive yourself by using the chat commands instead of pressing the keys (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug where the landing gear of planes couldn't be toggled if you were in passive mode (by @nex)
  • Fixed multiple bugs where PvP-related features could be used even if you were in passive mode (by @nex)
  • Fixed a logic bug where abusive (small) peds could still be used if you were crouching (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle spawner categories in vMenu would break if a model within them was unable to be loaded (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed an internal bug where multiple warnings and mutes could be given to a player by two or more staff members (by @nex)
    • Sometimes... our staff members like to participate in a nice little race of 'who can punish the rule breaker the fastest'...
    • That was a joke, obviously... but this usually happens when someone goes to punish a rule breaker without knowing that someone is already on it, resulting in two punishments taking place.


Content Changes


New vehicle additions by @Sparky the Asian:


BMW M8 GTE Race Car
2020 Bugatti Centodieci
1967 Forda Falcon XR GT
Caterham Seven 620 R
2019 Mercedes Benz Maybach Rolf Hart MR500
Vapid The Low King
Bravado Buffalo STX SAHP
Bravado Buffalo STX SAHP V2
Bravado Buffalo STX SAHP V3
Emperor Sheava
Honda X ADV
Porsche Taycan Prior Design
Bac Mono
Yamaha TMAX DX
Chevrolet Cafer
2021 BMW M1000RR
Ariel Atom 
Honda Civic EF9
BMW M8 F91 Convertible
Bugatti Veyron Supersport
Bugatti Veyron Supersport Sang Noir
Formula Drift Toyota Corolla Hatchback
2022 BMW M2 CS
2021 Subaru BRZ tS
Toyota Chaser NOZ 1JZ Edition
1990 Chevrolet Silverado 454ss
Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2 2022
BMW M3 E92 GTR Stratospeed
Honda Hornet de Grau
Pontiac Trans Am WS6
2014 Toyota TS040 Hybrid Le Mans
2013 Dodge Charger Patrol Unit
2018 Pagani Zonda Barchetta
Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo Version One
Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo Version Two
Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo Version Three
Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo Stealth
2018 Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
1989 Lexus LS400 First Gen
2010 Maserati GranTurismo S
1961 Maserati 3500 GT
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde
2006 BMW Alpina B7L E66
2020 Kawasaki ZX6R
2009 Mercedes Benz ML Brabus 
Karin Rebel Raid Truck
2022 Mercedes Benz S500 W223 AMG Line
2011 Audi RS5
Mercedes Benz A45 AMG
2015 Ford Mustang GT Custom
Vapid Clique Deluxe
2016 Dodge Ram Limited
Invetero Coquette Thunderstruck
2016 Audi SQ7
2013 Toyota GT86 Custom
Obey Argento
2017 Police Chevrolet Silverado
1963 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport
Nissan Cima Y33 Bippu
Volkswagen Golf R Pandem Widebody
2019 Nissan Fairlady 370Z 
Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster
1983 Audi Sport Quattro
2020 Yamaha MT125
Nissan Crew
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Voltex TA
Lamborghini Huracan Hycade
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Toyota Supra JZA70 Mk3


New female clothing additions by @Yonji & @SleepyMia:


Lower body:
- Booty shorts
- Cargo Highwaist
- Cargos
- Leggings
- Leggings with cut-out side
- Sports Shorts
- Adidas pants
- Trousers with Long Belt
- MFS Ryoko Jeans


Shirts and overlays:
- Long coat
- Goth girl top
- SleepyMia's "Divide The Youth" Jacket
- Anti-social top 
- Buckle bikini
- Calvin Klein Crop
- Ellen Corset
- Football teams shirt 
- Oversized shirt
- SleepyMia's Bikini Tops (replaces checkerboard textures)
- Adora RL Set
- Female Nike tech
- Nike Top
- Camoni CharliXCX
- Camoni Chromatica shirts
- Baseball jacket
- Shorts with tank-top
- Body Corset with frills
- Bomber Jacket
- Dress with fringe
- Elegant set
- Ruffle Layered Top
- Shiny ruffle bodysuit
- Raw set
- Adidas top
- Set skirt with top
- Sweatshirt with a cut-out at bust
- Top Body Lace
- WM F SET13
- GAP Female Hoodie
- Polo Dress


- Messy bun
- Big messy bun
- Bowl-cut (a.k.a the "logan" cut Kappa)
- Braids
- Bun
- Long-sided hair
- Sided hair
- Bella Hair
- Gina Hair
- Indra Hair
- Nancy Hair
- Long ponytail 
- Messy bun
- Brazilian hair
- Very long hair


- Crocs with socks
- Sliders
- Gothic Heels
- Rain boots
- Teddy bear


- Fluffy skirt
- Dress
- Hoodie accs
- Adora Biker Shorts
- Adora RL Set
- Jeans with holes
- Pistol Shoulder Holster
- Pampers


Body armour:
- Duck shoes
- Summer skinny jeans


- Bunny ears


- Duck hat
- Bandana
- Face mask


Neck & Scarfs:
- 3-level chain
- Kitty headset
- Necklace with butterflies
- Heart necklace


- Service belt


New male clothing additions by @Yonji & @SleepyMia:


Upper body:
- Full body tattoos
- Mechanix gloves


- Crocs with socks (ew)
- Sliders
- Slip-ons
- Off-white and Vans


Neck & Scarfs:
- Cross-Chain 
- Cardo - Crip Chain


Shirts & Accessories:
- Flannel under-shirt
- Trapstar IronGate puffer jacket


Body Armour:
- Just pants


Shirt Overlays & Jackets:
- Flannel top 
- Kaze Shirt
- Graphics shirt
- Max Payne 3 Coat 
- PullOver Hoodie
- Palm Angels Jean Jacket MP Male
- GOLF le Fluer
- Dodgers Jersey
- Football teams shirts 


Hats & Helmets:
- HGU56 Aircrew
- Cowboy Hat


Bags & Parachutes:
- Service belt


Legs & Pants:
- Pants with pistol behind the belt


- Bowl-cut (a.k.a the "logan" cut Kappa)
- Frizzy hair


- Face mask
- Anonymous mask


New weapon additions by @Yonji:


Sig Sauer MPX
Pocket Flashlight 
M4A1 Custom 
MDR 556x45


New weapon changes by @Yonji:


Nerfed the infinite range of the Scar-H, FN-L1A1 and Vesper
Nerfed the close-range damage of the MG60 (from 2 shots to kill, to 3 shots)


New ped model additions by @Yonji:


Harley Quinn
Leon Kennedy
2B with Armour



As always, we hope you enjoy the update with all the new features and improvements it brings!

We have a dedicated feedback site where you can suggest or vote on new ideas, content and features here (click the link!).


We have other things on the way and in the works too, with the launch of next-gen hardware right around the corner, we plan to leverage it to provide a smoother experience for everyone playing on our servers. We've been a leading community over the past 3 years, being the first server on the platform to achieve 700 concurrent players in early 2020, and have always had ambitious plans to break new records with the latest hardware and optimisation techniques as they come along!


Thanks once again for being with us on this journey, and have fun out there with all the new stuff this update! ❤️ 

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