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Freeroam #2 Content Update


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  • Developer

This update brings new clothing, emotes, bug fixes, improvements, and more.


  • Added a global vehicle spawner cooldown for all players to smooth-out lag spikes during peak server times (by @nex)
    • Most of the server-side "lag" is caused by players spawning vehicles, so we've added-back limits to how many vehicles you can spawn in a certain time frame.
    • You can only spawn one vehicle every 5 seconds. Supporters get a 3 second or less cooldown depending on the tier, with the lowest being 1 second.
  • Adjusted the logic of total drift score rewards, and increased score requirements for unlocking them (by @nex)
    • The score is now taken from your player statistics that persist between reconnections, rather than from your session score.
    • This makes it much easier to unlock the rewards, and so we've increased the required score for them.
    • You can see the new score requirements here: https://rsm.gg/challenges
  • Added new sound effects for gaining XP, levelling-up, minigame notifications above the radar, and the new changelog pop-up (by @nex & @StOneR)
  • Adjusted the wording of "allowing other players to save your vehicle" to be more clear in vMenu (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug with permissions and memory management within zones (by @StOneR)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause server restart announcements to not send (by @nex)
  • Fixed several bugs with vehicle rewards in stunt jump and stunt race activities (by @nex)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the spinner HUD element (when spawning vehicles, etc) to not appear (by @nex)


Content Changes

  • Added the new, custom dance animations (emotes) to dpEmotes and the server hub's emote browser (by @nex)
  • Removed problematic custom shoe models from MP Male that caused unusual model bugs for Male shirts (by @Sparky the Asian)
  • Texture replacements are now available as extra addons (by @Sparky the Asian)


New animation additions by @nex:


Mellow (Command: /e mellow)
DJ Dance (Command: /e rndance10)
Gymnastics Dance (Command: /e rndance1)
Fortnite - A1 Dance (Command: /e fndance2)
Fortnite - Mdance (Command: /e fndance1)
Break Dance 3 (Command: /e bdance3)
Break Dance 6 (Command: /e bdance6)
Loser Dance (Command: /e fndance41)
Hot Dance (Command: /e hotdance)
House Dance (Command: /e rndance2)
Shoot Dance (Command: /e fndance25)
Indian Shuffle (Command: /e fndance35)
Jumpstyle Dance (Command: /e fndance27)
Break Dance 11 (Command: /e bdance11)
Bop (Command: /e bopdance)
String Dance (Command: /e fndance40)
Fortnite - Electro Swing (Command: /e fndance10)
Warehouse Dance (Command: /e fndance22)
Breakdance (Command: /e fndance23)
Break Dance 1 (Command: /e bdance1)
Swim Dance (Command: /e fndance26)
Fortnite - Laser Dance (Command: /e fndance15)
Hula-Hula (Command: /e hulahula)
Fortnite - Cowboy Dance (Command: /e fndance19)
Pumpkin Dance (Command: /e fndance33)
Break Dance 9 (Command: /e bdance9)
Break Dance 2 (Command: /e bdance2)
Break Dance 4 (Command: /e bdance4)
Wiggly Dance (Command: /e fndance34)
GOAT Dance (Command: /e fndance28)
Fortnite - Egyptian Dance (Command: /e fndance20)
Pop Dance 3 (Command: /e rndance14)
Mixed Dance (Command: /e rndance15)
Fortnite - Eastern Blocc (Command: /e fndance9)
Treadmill (Command: /e fndance24)
Break Dance 7 (Command: /e bdance7)
Dance (Command: /e fndance39)
Photo Dance (Command: /e rndance7)
Bhangra Dance (Command: /e rndance6)
Break Dance 5 (Command: /e bdance5)
Break Dance 8 (Command: /e bdance8)
Woah (Command: /e woahdance)
Fortnite - Crab Dance (Command: /e fndance8)
Windmill Floss (Command: /e windmillfloss)
Fortnite - Boogie Down (Command: /e fndance3)
Fortnite - Hillbilly Shuffle (Command: /e fndance14)
Showroom Dance (Command: /e showroomdance)
Fortnite - Cheerleader Dance (Command: /e fndance7)
Fortnite - Running Man (Command: /e fndance17)
Fortnite - Ribbon Dance (Command: /e fndance16)
Mask Off (Command: /e maskoff)
Marat (Command: /e marat)
Zippy Dance (Command: /e fndance38)
Glowstick Dance (Command: /e fndance29)
Dance Line (Command: /e linedance)
The King's Dance (Command: /e kingdance)
Dab Loop (Command: /e dabloop)
Square Dance (Command: /e squaredance)
Crazy Dance (Command: /e fndance30)
Hi Lo Wave (Command: /e hilowave)
Break Dance 14 (Command: /e bdance14)
Raise The Roof (Command: /e rndance16)
Splits (Command: /e rndance18)
Fortnite - Swipe It (Command: /e fndance21)
Smooth Dance (Command: /e rndance8)
Hippie Dance (Command: /e hippiedance)
Hipster Dance (Command: /e hipsterdance)
Break Dance 13 (Command: /e bdance13)
Pop Dance (Command: /e rndance12)
Fortnite - Grooving Jam (Command: /e fndance13)
Break Dance 10 (Command: /e bdance10)
Hip Hop Dance (Command: /e hiphopdance)
Break Dance 12 (Command: /e bdance12)
Pop Dance 2 (Command: /e rndance13)
Fortnite - Step Breakdance (Command: /e fndance18)
Capoeira Move (Command: /e capoeiramove)
BBoy Dance (Command: /e bboydance)
Bouncy Dance (Command: /e rndance9)
Rick Astley Dance (Command: /e rndance17)
Hoppin (Command: /e rndance11)
Fortnite - Floss (Command: /e fndance12)
Band Dance (Command: /e banddance)
Ballet Move (Command: /e rndance4)
Hip Hop Taunt (Command: /e hiphoptaunt)
Gwara Dance (Command: /e fndance37)
Autumn Dance (Command: /e rndance3)
Ballet Spin (Command: /e rndance5)
Salton Lake Dance (Command: /e fndance36)
Wave Dance (Command: /e fndance32)
Goth Swing (Command: /e fndance31)
Fortnite - Breakfast Coffee Dance (Command: /e fndance5)
Fortnite - Electro Shuffle (Command: /e fndance11)
Magic Man (Command: /e magicman)
Fortnite - Candy Dance (Command: /e fndance6)
Fortnite - Break Boy (Command: /e fndance4)
Break Dance 15 (Command: /e bdance15)


Female clothing additions by @Sparky the Asian:


Shirts, Jackets and Overlays:
- Milly Bikini Top
- Racing Bomber Jacket Texture Addons (added to OffWhite Bomber Jacket texture options)
- Kawaii Bear Onesies Pajamas
- Skirt with Top
- Hip Hop Homage T-shirts


Lower Body:
- Waist High Gym Leggings
- Camo Sweatpants
- Women's Sagged Jeans


Misc Items: 
- Fortnite Scaly Backbling Backpack (under Bags and Parachutes)
- AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet (under Hats in Props)
- Indigo Hairstyle (under Hair options)
- Custom Scarf (under Scarf and Chains)
- Glow-in-the-dark Purge Themed Masks (under Masks)
- Face Bandaids (under Shirt and Accessories)
- Durag and Alternative Durags with Tail (under Bags and Parachutes)
- Illuminated Flower Tiara (under Hats in Props)
- Waistbag (under Shirt and Accessories)


Male female clothing additions by @Sparky the Asian:


Shirts, Jacket and Overlays:
- Trapstar Hoodies
- Car Manufacturer and Racing Team Bomber Jackets
- Sons of Anarchy themed Assortment Clothing (Hoodie, Jacket and Vest)
- Winter Coat
- New Custom Pullover Hoodies
- Hip Hop Homage T-shirts


Misc Items: 
- Rainbow Kid Cap (under Hats in Props)
- AGV K3 SV Motorcycle Helmet (under Hats in Props)
- Glow-in-the-dark Purge Themed Masks (under Masks)
- Face Bandaids (under Shirt and Accessories)
- Skull Emoji Chain (under Scarf and Chains)
- LV Messenger Bag (under Scarf and Chains)
- Custom Scarf (under Scarf and Chains)
- Psycho Hairstyle (Generic Cut with Beanie) (under Hair options)
- Waves (under Hair options)
- Gang Masks (under Masks)
- Generic Messenger Bag (under Body Armor and Accessories)
- Dior Slingbag (under Body Armor and Accessories)
- Gucci Messenger Bag (under Body Armor and Accessories)
- Hipster Backpack (under Body Armor and Accessories)
- Givenchy Crossbody Bag (under Body Armor and Accessories)
- Fortnite Scaly Backbling Backpack (under Bags and Parachutes)
- Custom Duffel Bag (under Bags and Parachutes)
- Sprayground Backpacks (under Bags and Parachutes)
- Durag and Alternative Durags with Tail (under Bags and Parachutes)
- Nike Air Force 1 Low (under Shoes)


(***Sorry, no new lower body options for MP Males this update!)


A note about the new texture replacements change:


New racing and car manufacturer textures have been added to the extra addons of MP Female GTA:O Bomber Jackets. Extra versions of MP Male GTA:O Bomber Jackets are now included as addon clothing. Players do not need to spend more time looking for the correct vanilla (base game) clothing among hundreds of existing vanilla clothing.



This update didn't include any vehicles due to the fact that we're pretty close to some hard limits with the game engine that will end-up crashing your games if we go over them. Yes, that does mean that vehicle updates are postponed until we can look into this issue closer than we already have and figure-out a solution.


Aside from that, we hope you all enjoy this great update as we now move into adding more emotes for everyone to enjoy 🙂

Good luck and have fun!

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