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Regarding FiveM Support, Suggestions and Bug Reports


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You can find suggestions and bug reports here. However, you must be logged in to do so. 
(Please note that you need to have a minimum of 5 posts to suggest or bug-report features)

You can find support on the Discord guild in the #support channel.

However, bear in mind the following: 

  • Create a thread instead of sending any message in that channel, including when replying to messages.
  • In a #support thread, you should always include a picture while describing what you need help with (clearly and comprehensively if possible).
  • Your issues may have been asked about and resolved before, so it is best to search through the server by pressing [CTRL+F] and typing keywords about them.
  • Make sure to look at other threads before making your own (to avoid duplicating threads about the same topic for no reason).
  • Support should only be in #support as it is best for the community if the issues stay in a single place.
  • Most importantly, abide by the rules here.

Support includes but is not limited to; connection issues and general questions about RSM's servers/forums/guild. If the question is not solely about/on RSM, then please ask it in the corresponding channel(s) instead.

Ban appeals are done through tickets in our Discord guild. 
You can create offline-player/Staff reports on the same channel.
(Must have the Verified role to do this)

Tebex, [email protected] handles payments and transactions. 
RSM is unlikely able to help with payments unless the issue is within RSM's servers.


Disregarding this topic and continuing to post about support on the forums will cause those posts to be removed.

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