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Freeroam #1 Update (RSM V3 is here!)


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The big release of RSM V3 is now here! We have spent many hours preparing one of our largest updates yet, thoroughly testing it on our second server and preparing it for when the time comes to fully move-on from V2 with new features that greatly improve gameplay and bring new activities to participate in around the server.


🎉 Update Highlights:

  • Parties - You can now create and manage your very own party using the new parties system.
    Type /party (/p for short) to get started.
  • Car Voting - Ever wanted to vote other players' vehicles at car meets? You can now do exactly that!
    Go to a meet zone and walk up to another players' stationary vehicle and some buttons will show at the bottom-right of your screen.
  • Server Hub - We've redesigned the server hub to be more accessible and straightforward to new players, serving its purpose as a hub.
    You can access many of the important features of the server from this one interface now! Press F1 (by default) to access it anytime.
  • Zone Improvements - Zones have improved functionality compared to before, with support for per-zone speed limiters and more.
    Currently, only a couple of zones have speed limiters applied - speed limiters are specially configured on a per-zone basis, and limit player vehicles depending on a few factors, such as distance.
  • Server-wide Optimisation - We've spent time optimising and refactoring old code for better FPS for the players that need it the most.
    Aside from FPS improvements, other improvements were made that increase general performance across the server, resulting in less overall lag!
  • Other QoL Improvements - We're now entering a new era of FiveM where it's becoming increasingly more useful to have certain keys be configurable.
    For example, you can now configure the key bindings of many features around the server via Settings > Key Bindings> FiveM.


🗒️ Full Changelog:


Added a vehicle voting system for car meet zones - see below for more information and a preview (by @nex & Logan)

Added new background images to the loading screen (by @TXJ)

Added vehicle slipstreaming between players - you can now tail other players and gain speed from their "slipstream"  (by @nex)

Added a new teleport to vMenu for the fruit stand on the mountain (by @TXJ)

Added a new and improved server hub UI that is shown when you join the server (by @nex)

Added a spacer to the main menu of vMenu for better organisation of features (by @StOneR)

Added functionality to safe, meet and drift zones that disable horns and mutes sirens (by @nex)

Added indicators to the interface tiles of the hub, showing the keys that can be used to open/close that interface (by @nex)

Added tile hover animations for players that have the NUI fix enabled in their FiveM settings (by @nex)

Added miniature tiles for toggling certain server features like passive mode, player names and drift smoke (by @nex)

Added a speed limiter to all meet zones of 25 MPH (by @nex)

Added an auto-freeze to your car when you exit from it at a car meet - this prevents people from successfully ramming it (by @nex)

Added toasts (notifications) to the loading screen, indicating that certain supporter benefits have been applied and the number of vehicles that you have access to with your current supporter tier (by @nex)

Added a notification to the loading screen for the final stage of the loading process, indicating that it can take a while before you fully connect - this is dependant on your connection and hardware (by @nex)

Added the ability to configure the keys used by the emote menu - you can now re-bind these keys via ESC > Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM (by @nex)

Added persistent saving of the favourite emote in the emote menu - after setting a favourite emote, you can reconnect to the server and be able to use it without it being reset and having to set it again (by @nex)

Added a passive mode 'cooldown' period after using noclip - players who abuse noclip to get to places for PvP purposes will now have to wait for 30 seconds before engaging in combat (by @nex)

Added ghosting to players that are noclipping - this was requested by a few people and we thought it was a pretty essential thing for noclip (by @nex)

Added an improved system for blocking passive toggles. Passive overrides (previously called "blocks") will now stack, allowing for multiple restrictions (such as being in a passive lobby, using noclip recently, etc) to be active at the same time (by @nex)

Added functionality for 'disabling' (greying-out) supporter vehicles that you don't have access to in vMenu (by @StOneR & @nex)

Added more toxic/inappropriate language to auto-moderation filters (by @nex)

Added a toggle for the anti-lag system to the server hub (by @nex)

Added a lobby player count to lobby portals around the map (by @nex)

Added statistics for engine temperature, oil level, and turbo boost percentage to the speedometer - see below for more info (by @nex)

Added tooltips to the speedometer indicating what each indicator means and what its used for - needs further tweaking (by @nex)

Added a keybind for toggling the drift zone leaderboards (by @StOneR)

Added a few more toxic/rule-breaking words to automod for flagging (by @nex)

Added indicators to the speedometer for the anti-lag system/ALS and nitrous/NOS (by @nex)

Added fuel drain to NOS when boosting and purging - purging drains faster than boosting (by @nex)

Added a vehicle performance index (PI) based on its class, top speed, and performance upgrades (by @nex)

Added a 'Super Slow' speed step to noclip for more precise movement (by @StOneR)

Added raycasting improvements to minigame spawners (by @StOneR)

Added a death screen to minigames (by @StOneR)

Added smooth fading to cruise leader markers, depending on the distance (by @nex & iMoD1998)

Added a failsafe to the /lobby command that synchronizes your lobby to the leader of your party instead of denying usage (by @nex)

Added some improvements to anti-cheat measures (by @nex)

Added blips for dormant party members - you can now see every player in your party across the map (by @nex)

Added support for disabling respawn and revive on a per-lobby basis - reviving after death is now disabled in the PvP lobby (by @nex)

Added a notification to party invitations for the player being invited (by @nex)

Added a native interface for listing party members, including the leader and its moderators, by pressing Z (by @nex)

Added lobby synchronization to party members so that they are always in the same lobby as the leader (by @nex)

Added a block for party members switching their lobbies - as it's now controlled by the party leader (by @nex)

Added support for disabling noclip on a per-lobby basis (by @nex)

Added new project name and description meta tags for the server listing (by @_z3)

Added improvements to server cleanup - it no longer relies on clients, reducing lag spikes (by @nex)

Added improvements to lobbies and zones - zones will now show and hide more reliably depending on the lobby you're in (by @nex)

Added improvements to lobbies and passive mode - passive mode will now be enforced properly when switching between lobbies (by @nex)

Added support for lobbies and NPCs - NPCs (and traffic) can now be enabled on a per-lobby basis (by @nex)

Added NPCs and traffic to the PVP lobby, following the support for lobby-specific traffic (by @nex)

Added a total number of entities that were removed during server cleanup (by @nex)

Added vehicle spawn settings to vMenu for automatically customizing vehicles on spawn (by @StOneR)

Adjusted a timer for a loop that iterated nearby players for better performance around many players (by @nex)

Adjusted the colours of certain chat tags to be more visible and clear (by @_z3)

Adjusted 'teleport to waypoint' to be disabled when the lobby has noclip disabled - this was done to prevent abuse primarily in the PvP lobby (by @StOneR)

Adjusted the behaviour of vMenu's personal vehicle options to automatically /pv a vehicle after it has been set as a personal vehicle (by @StOneR)

Adjusted several pieces of text for grammar improvements around the hub (by @nex)

Adjusted the reason that is displayed when trying to toggle passive mode from within a lobby that forces it (by @nex)

Adjusted the open sequence of the hub - lobby selection now comes first when a player joins the server (by @nex)

Adjusted the text and grammar that is displayed by the store when connecting to the server (by @nex)

Adjusted the markers above player names to indicate that they are leading a public party - these markers are hidden (unless invited) for players leading private parties (by @nex)

Adjusted the behaviour of previous markers to adjust the name of the players' name instead - the colours are the same, they just don't use the arrow marker anymore (by @nex)

Adjusted the behaviour of some auto-moderation filters (for obviously toxic insults) to mute instead of just cancel and notify (by @nex)

Adjusted the name auto-moderation filters to block player names that contain links (by @nex)

Adjusted the message auto-moderation filters to block messages that contain links and discord invites/tags (by @nex)

Adjusted the size of the speedometer to be 10% smaller - needs further tweaking (by @nex)

Adjusted the design of the NOS and ALS speedometer indicators to be more indicative on their status (by @nex)

Adjusted vehicle colour sliders in vMenu to 100 for easier customisation (by @StOneR)

Adjusted minigame behaviour to equip a weapon when the player spawns (by @StOneR)

Adjusted drift smoke to be enabled by default for new players (by @nex)

Adjusted anti-lag system to be able to be used on any vehicle with the Turbo mod option enabled (by @nex)

Adjusted anti-lag system backfire delay to be less annoying (by @nex)

Adjusted the maximum NOS fuel storage to scale with the vehicles' performance index - see notes for more info (by @nex)

Adjusted NOS recharge to not take place if the NOS key is or has been recently held-down (by @nex)

Adjusted zone blip categories to be below the local player item in the map legend (by @nex)

Adjusted lobby portal blips to be above the local player item in the map legend (by @nex)

Adjusted one of the zones at the docks to not cover the bridge above it (by @nex)

Adjusted auto-punishments after warnings to only take the past 3 days into account - see below for more information (by @nex)

Adjusted nearby player blips to be under the 'Other Players' category on the map legend (by @nex)

Adjusted the logic behind forced passive mode in lobbies - they will now be more reliably forced (by @nex)

Adjusted passive mode status HUD element to be hidden while a lobby is forcing it (by @nex)

Adjusted the player counter at the bottom of the screen to also display rotating counts for nearby players, lobby players and party members (by @nex)

Adjusted the PvP lobby to disable noclip for players within it (by @nex)

Adjusted the lobby hub (selection screen) to update lobby player counters every 5 seconds (by @nex)

Adjusted the default 'teleport to race' option to off/disabled (by @StOneR)

Adjusted the 'spawn inside vehicle' option to be always (forcefully) enabled due to abuse (by @StOneR)

Adjusted server cleanup and entity policies to allow the spawning of NPC pedestrians (by @nex)

Adjusted the chat to forcefully hide, unless opened, during the lobby transition (by @nex)

Adjusted the lobby command to open the lobby hub instead of displaying a list of lobbies in chat (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where player chat tags wouldn't correctly restore to the saved tag (by @_z3)

Fixed a lingering minor exploit within vMenu (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug where supporter perms would appear to not apply when they actually did (by @StOneR)

Fixed an exploit where players were able to teleport to waypoint during a race, allowing them to cheat the checkpoints (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug where vMenu and noclip were still disabled after leaving a minigame (by @StOneR)

Fixed some minor UI bugs within the server hub (by @nex)

Fixed the bug that caused the previous zones update (here) to be reverted. The speed limits have now been applied (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where certain symbols that were sent to the in-game chat would prevent the message from being properly sent (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where custom vehicle colours would not save with saved vehicles (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug where loading a saved MP character while in a vehicle would kick you out of it (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug where the number of supporter vehicles was incorrect when displayed on the loading screen via toast notifications (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the loading screen would close too soon, causing the original V loading screen to briefly appear for a second or two (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the lobby selection screen would open too soon (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where player name auto-moderation would only apply in very specific cases - it is now in full-effect, read below for more information (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where an error would occur during races that prevented passive mode from being forced for all players participating in it (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where changing lobbies on the liberty city server would most of the time result in a game crash - related to PlayerSwitch (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the current party would try to be accessed on player spawn too early (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the current lobby would try to be accessed on player spawn too early (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the NOS indicator on the speedometer would appear for vehicles that were not suitable for it (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where ALS would use invalid values for turbo functionality, making it completely useless - see below for more info (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the lobby portals around the map displayed the wrong lobby (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where all players would have the Killmonger chat tag (by @_z3)

Fixed a bug where a players' saved chat tag wasn't retrieved in time (by @_z3)

Fixed a bug where some dormant player blips were not removed from the map when a party is disbanded (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where maps would be ensured twice, resulting in slightly longer server startup time (by @nex)

Fixed a bug reported by @EXT1NG where player parachutes got deleted by server cleanup (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where chat messages were not properly trimmed, which was abused by players to get around the duplicate message moderation check (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the minigame countdown would reset every time a new player joins (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug where names in minigames would be too long - they are now clamped to 8 letters max (by @StOneR)

Fixed an internal bug which prevented some checks from happening (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where someone would try to report an offline player, resulting in an internal error (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where players could spawn vehicles in class-protected zones (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where a dormant party member blip would still be active on the map after they had left the party (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where your vehicle wouldn't transfer with you when you change lobbies (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where some UI interfaces would be stuck on the screen (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where an error would occur after a player would try to invite or join a players' party after they disconnected (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where player blips for players in your current vehicle would still show - they are now hidden (by @nex)

Fixed an internal error during vehicle spawning (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where zones would override lobby-wide passive mode (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where teleporting to someone would override lobby-wide passive mode (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the lobby chat channel couldn't be created (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where player counts wouldn't be properly updated for lobbies (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the client would try to access a lobby before it was networked (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where noclip would be active before and after switching lobbies (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where a players' vehicle would be deleted/despawned while switching lobbies (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where you'd sometimes get stuck in the lobby transition phase (by @nex)

Fixed a bug with fenders and left wings on some vehicles (by @StOneR)

Fixed some bugs related to lobby resets and spawn points in Minigames (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug where players would be told that they were banned when they were not (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where teleport requests would not play nicely with the new lobbies rewrite (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where lobbies would not properly synchronize on player connect (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where wanted stars would be displayed next to a players' name, even when line-of-sight is lost (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where the current vehicle would glitch-out if the driver was the leader of a party in cruise mode (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where noclip would still be disabled after leaving a race (by @StOneR)

Fixed a bug with voice chat where players could hear others in another lobby (by @nex)

Fixed a bug with text chat where your push-to-talk key would still activate voice chat when you were typing (by @nex)

Fixed a bug where percentage symbols would prevent chat messages from being sent (by @nex)

Fixed a bug with lobbies where passive mode would differ from the value enforced by the current lobby (by @nex)

Refactored the code behind Minigames to be more reliable and consistent (by @StOneR)

Removed two legacy and inappropriate peds (by @StOneR)


There's a lot more work that has been in testing for a few months that go too far back, but these are all of the changes that we've made since the beginning of March that server #1 now has going for it.



Thanks for everyone's patience during the testing and preparation of this update, and a HUGE shout out to all of those that submitted bug reports and suggestions that overall helped us develop and implement various features around the server.


For the future, moving ahead with our plans for a better workflow, server #2 will be used (as it has been for the past few months!) as a staging server for testing upcoming updates to server #1.


Server #1 will be receiving periodic and ironed-out updates that should have less bugs and more functionality due to the new 'staging' workflow that we'll be introducing.


Thanks once again for the patience, expect more updates in the coming weeks! 🙂

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