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  1. Whenever I leave the RSM server, it doesn't allow me to join back in and shows the connecting screen and saying waiting for game to shut down. Is this normal? or is something wrong with my FiveM?
  2. I am a new member to FiveM and joined this server as I want to be able to explore the world of these mods and features. Yet, after only an hour in the server I was booted off FiveM while in a car meet. I was thinking it was just my PC acting up so I joined again and tried to spawn some vehicles. However, for some reason I haven't been able to spawn any vehicles, and if I do then I can't mod my vehicles. Its like I am forgetting a resource pack or if my PC just won't allow me to run it. I just wanted to come on here and ask if there was anyway I could reset my account or the server or what can I do so my things can work and I can run the server.

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