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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about customizing your ped? If so, just follow the tutorial/Read the menu that pops up when you press [F1]. If you're talking about making an addon ped, I recommend using blender.
  2. No, the current gradients are handpicked by @logan..
  3. It's not exactly a bug; it’s just that the channel topic was out of date. (The channel was usually abused, and because it is too difficult to moderate videos in comparison to pictures, it was disabled). The reason the red message links to Discord is because it is made for FiveM/MC bans.
  4. Turn off Streamer mode in FiveM settings.
  5. Another term for "directory" is 'File path', which is this red box here. Paste/type the mods directory in it, then press enter. Like how I have done here. You probably installed FiveM on a different location or you haven't restarted the client.
  6. Just use the non-placeholder options. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
  7. You're most likely choosing the wrong clothing options. vMenu's Ped Customization is confusing, and there are also placeholders on its options.
  8. No, players that don't have the file installed will only see a white paint job.
  9. You can find it somewhere in 'Shirts / Accessories' on 'Player Appearance'. No idea what its # is, though.
  10. What Are Chameleon Paint Jobs? I would be glad to answer that. In short, Chameleon paint jobs are much like the in-game pearlescent paint job, but better. Both paint jobs' colours change depending on the camera's position, but Chameleon (aka gradient) paint jobs have more prominent changes in comparison. With up to 23 different paint jobs, you are up for a treat. (Picture only for reference) How to Apply a Chameleon Paint Job? After installing the modpack (and restarting the client), you can use "Chameleon" primary and secondary colours in the Vehicle Colors submenu. Select any colour, and your vehicle will be more majestic than ever! vMenu > Vehicle Related Options > Vehicle Options > Vehicle Colors > Primary/Secondary Color (For reference)
  11. The latest build is a bit problematic, and I don't know any sure-way fix to the "currently unsupported Replay Editor" issue. Maybe others who found a solution to it could provide it here.
  12. Good shit, this was really helpful & needed. Thought I'd include it in this blog before you made this post, but it was meant to be only for the issues about getting in the editor, not about what is in the editor.
  13. (you can do this by right-clicking the executable/file, obviously)
  14. You might have this enabled in your FiveM client settings. I'm not sure though.
  15. You mentioned both Saved Peds and MP Peds; there is a difference. I never had to requip props with MP Peds. Though, Saved Peds might be different. It had been a long time since I last used one.
  16. I'm not certain about this, but I'm pretty sure you are able to keep them if you put them on via MP Ped Customization (the ped may need to be set as default).
  17. All challenge vehicles are unlocked one at a time; you must first unluck the prior vehicle(s) before unlocking the vehicle after.
  18. Yes, it can be fixed as long as you post relevant information here https://forum.rsm.gg/forum/63-bugs/.

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