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  1. Hello! Today I will be making this Guide to take good pictures the below are the requirements. A Photo Editing Software (Some Good Free Ones Listed Below) https://photopea.com https://pixlr.com/editor/ Adobe Photoshop Express First Step, Go To vMenu And Select Recording Options ⬇ Then Go And Press Start Recording Once You Are Ready To Take Your Picture Record For Atleast 5 Seconds Then Press Stop Recording Wait 5 More Seconds Then Press Rockstar Editor ---------- Then Select Inside Of Rockstar Editor Create New Project Then Select Add Clip Then Select The Clip You Just Took (It should include the date of the day) Ex. "Jan-12-2022-Clip-0001" After You Select The Clip Press Enter And "Yes I'm Sure I Want To Edit This Clip" Wait For It To Load Then Click On The Little White Marker Then click on Camera Options (Or Whatever It's Called) Then Go Until You See "Free Camera" Once you do that, edit the camera to where you want it to be then save it and go back to the menu and select "Effects" Then, you can tinker around with these effects: After That Press Backspace Until The R* Editor Menu Isn't on your screen anymore and take a screenshot of what you've created and save it. Example Of What It Can Look Like Without Any Effect Through Photo Editors: Photocredit: @Allday.... With The Image Editors: Image Credit: @Allday.... | Edit Credit: @Zxrks Thanks For Reading My Guide! I hope that it helped if you liked it please give me a heart since I'm trying to level up on this site Also, Ignore the extra effects tab at the bottom I accidently added that, xD.

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