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  1. Bearey


    I found the place, if you search up Bucky Sligo's house on google you'll find the location there
  2. Depending on what link you posted, it should only be a temp ban for 3 days from the discord.
  3. Bearey


    My guess is that it’s a graphics mod or some type of mod that replaced the house
  4. Bearey


    You can find the location in this YouTube video
  5. No problem, glad I could help
  6. You can create and delete this media player screen by following these steps: Type /createmediaplayer in chat > Place it where you want it to be > Then type /play link To delete a media player type /deletemediaplayer Hopefully that helps
  7. I don't know much about this but I'll try to help. Try following these steps: Find your FiveM Application Data > Click on it > Go to your Data folder > Copy/Save all the folders/files in there to somewhere else I would wait for more responses or try going to the support channel in the discord as I am not 100% sure. Good luck
  8. What song is that in the video?

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