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  1. https://gyazo.com/fa286d7a48b9e0cc82f09d92d17affd8 LINK OF WHAT GOT ME BANNED
  2. So I was having some issues with me ulimate supporter stuff in game so I typed in support for help then yonji helped me later if told me too type /tag set 1 and I took a screenshot of the tag list to show yonji what i shows for me and i posted a gyazo link of the tag set list that shows too me. And for instantly banned. Didnt know links can be seen as ads Well if anyone sees this please help. Also can even do an appeal for discord ban since im banned on discord for apparently advers... of a screenshot for yonji too see what I see when typing /tag set 1 whatever proof you need for me too show that it was nothing more than a screenshot of the chat or anything else I have just ask this is the screenshot that was the gyazo link that i send for yonji help My discord:ByexBearded#4960

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