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  1. PvP Lobby used to be most balanced lobby for pvping on RSM. It had peds in it, restricted access to Vmenu or any other menus, felt a bit like Gta Online. Too bad not many players would've joined it.
  2. Yea. That radio on the ground usually plays Non Stop Pop FM.
  3. Video
  4. Video 1 Video 2
  5. Just another normal race in RSM Video
  6. z6vfezamvyaeolurshrt.mp4 ( Yea, had to upload it in the feedback forum's hosting due to the 1.34 MB size limitation. ) Nex, please increase the max total size. I can't compress the videos that much or it'd seem like a powerpoint project.
  7. Well, assuming the boundary area is a place for players who're preloading, there may be something conflicting with "teleportation" causing the loaded players to spawn there.

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