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Drift Competition

Event details


I hope you guys are ready for the first of DC Event! (Drift Competition)


It will be 3 Spot that we have to go trough try to fit that into 2 hours session, but truly it will depend on how many of you will go and participate.

Also if it take longer than anticipate, there will be a winner for all 3 spots. So the event is basically spaced to 3 segments.


This is 1v1 Tokyo drift style! Will be an Elimination 1 vs 1  the winner Vs the winner and we go up that pyramid !


The Event will be judge by me an maybe others that are well known for drifting into the community.


So here are the rule that will give you also the input to know how to acquired point trough de different tracks.

-every one got to be in passive mod 

-there will be a front and back opponents 

-the judge will be into the back opponent car

-the front opponent can go slow, the back opponent should find a way to stay closed as possible from the front opponent

-if the back opponent collide (interpenetration) with the front opponent there will be penalty points and the back opponent should stay behind leaving space to the front opponent

-The only way for the back opponent to move beyond the front opponent need to be wisely choose and without any interpenetration, collision. 

-The only cars modifications accepted is the f7 presets for drifting only, you can camber your wheels.

-Its not about I much drift point you can make, but how awesome you look into your drifting decisions.

-You should watch Tokyo drift before the competition XD and practice the courses. (I'll be there tomorrow to help people out, showing the different tracks, also before the event will be a chill around) 


ps;  how many ''opponent'' have been said in this rules section ?


Hope you guys find the spots chill and make sure to have fun 😄 





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